Delivering on?our strategic ambitions

We exist to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world.?This means operating?in?a responsible and sustainable way while innovating products that improve lives while reducing environmental impacts.?

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Sustainable business

Improving health and hygiene through our products, behaviour and strategy

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Plants emerging from soil at varying stages of growth
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Reducing the impacts of our products and operations

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Diverse group of employees sitting around table in meeting room
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People and communities

Protecting, engaging and developing our people

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Performance data

Learn more about our sustainability performance and activities in our Insights Sheets here.

Working together to address sustainability issues

  • Approach

    How we assess and manage our sustainability challenges.

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  • Key issues

    Engaging with key stakeholders to identify material issues.

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  • Policies and reports

    Our key sustainability policies and recent reports.

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  • Recognitions and partnerships

    Working with recognised organisations to address sustainability issues.

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Case studies

In response to the Australia’s devastating droughts, our Finish team in Australia initiated the #FinishWaterWaste?campaign. Kicking-off in September 2019 in partnership with Rural Aid, it encouraged consumers to pledge to stop pre-rinsing?their dishwasher loads, saving 40L of water per dishwasher load.

This is matched by Finish donating 40L of water to rural communities in need. The campaign has got people talking about saving water and raised their awareness of this critical issue. In the wake of the extensive bushfires and drought, the #FinishWaterWaste campaign will continue in 2020 in even bolder ways.

As part of our commitment to NDPE (No Deforestation, Peat, Exploitation), we have partnered with Earthworm Foundation and its Starling project to monitor our palm oil supply chain.

Using radar and satellite imagery data, we can monitor land cover change and intervene if there are early signs of forest cover loss. With this tool we are able to identify risk prone areas, predict potential deforestation and develop corrective actions.

At RB, we strive to create the environment that gives our employees the Freedom to Succeed. Freedom is in our DNA and shows in our bold approach to working and winning together. By introducing the Freedom to Succeed value proposition, we wish to embolden our people to win at both a personal and professional level while finding purpose.

This is a narrative of collaboration and unity, focused on people’s stories and what its really like to work at RB, striving together to create a healthier and happier world.

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When it comes to laundry cleaners, consumers have historically had to choose between efficacy and a desire to be more environmentally friendly. However, we have launched a new range of natural cleaners, Botanical Origin, which perform just as well as conventional products.

Instead of using petrol-based cleaning agents, the brand has found and chosen botanical sourced ones, with Botanical Origin’s unique NatureClean formula comprising up to 95% botanically sourced ingredients, that ensure equivalent performance.

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